First CRM that is
Data Structure Agnostic

We are sick and tired of CRM tools that are forcing users to stick to pre-defined fields and data relationships.
We believe that users know the best what is important for them and how data should be connected with other data

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ElasticC Features

Forget about field mappings!!!

Upload your data in seconds

We spend hours mapping our data to the fields in CRM, adjusting field names, debugging mistakes with uploads, building custom SQL scripts etc.
If you also don't want to do that any more use ElesticC.
Upload data form other systems in any form you have it in seconds!

Connect your data on the fly via search

We know how hard it is to add new data to existing CRMs.
We know how hard it is to enrich existing data and bring more information in one place.
Forget about days spend of new links between database tables.
Create relationships with full text search on the fly!

Add new fields on the fly

ElasticC does not limit end users. They can add new fields on the fly.
Allow users to be creative not only when you implement new tool.

Make fields required on the fly

We know, we know...
Some fields need to be required and your team lead can make them required directly on the input screen.

Spreadsheet like experience with keyboard navigation

CRMs were slowing us down.
Mouse is great when you read the website, but when you input data keyboard rules!
Arrows, Enter and Esc are 135% more productive than mouse!

Define filters with full text search!

CRM is all about filters!
In ElasticC you can define your own tabs on the fly with full text search criteria

Field rankings for each record type

Do you know that in 80% of cases your people use just 20% of fields in your CRM tool? Why to have all of them all the time?
ElasticC knows what fields are used and suggest only the once that are used the most!

Customer details copy/pasting in one go

Work on one page and not on 20 tabs!

It would not be possible without giants behind!

We will have a lot of high profile customers

See ElasticC in action

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